Line of Descent Review: A gripping tale of a mafia family slowly vanishing into darkness!


Line of Descent

Cast: Brendan Fraser, Ronit Roy, Abhay Deol, Prem Chopra, Neeraj Kabi

Director: Rohit Karn Batra

Rating: ****

Rohit Karn Batra’s Line of descent is the story of a rich Delhi-based mafia family involved in the real-estate business facing an internal war within the family. Bharat Sinha (Prem Chopra) is the owner of Sinha Electronics, (a camouflage for his land mafia business) who uses his terror to forcefully take land/property from the people at the price he is willing to pay for some real-estate biggies so that they can build what they want to the land. His eldest and middle sons Prithvi (Ronit Roy) and Siddharth (Neeraj Kabi) are his accomplices but the youngest one Suraj (Ali Haji) is still learning.

Sinha is old, the cops are behind him and he worries about what would happen to his family’s legacy and soon, in a major turn of events, the family is hit by back to back tragedies that makes it up for an edge of the seat thriller that keeps you hooked till the very end.

An upright Raghav (Abhay Deol) is hell-bent on getting to the bottom of the Sinha family’s crime syndicate, and a scary arms dealer (Hollywood actor Brendan Fraser) come into action and starts Sinha family’s downfall that eventually results in their slow gradual and chilling destruction forming a suspenseful and intense delight to watch.

The show captures Delhi’s dark and corrupt underbelly beautifully and leaves you enthralled and amazed. Although it might seem predictable at points but the way it is presented and told is what makes it beautiful. Writer, director, and producer Rohit Karn Batra tells the story in his own stellar way. The story takes many interesting turns where the director touches something and leaves it then and there giving you the freedom to imagine what you want and it can be anything.

The acting department is well handled by each of the lead actors of the film who deliver impressive and superlative performances in their respective characters. Ronit Roy as Prithvi is marvelous in every scene, his acting has so much intensity that he even speaks when he is not speaking stealing and shining in every scene. Neeraj Kabi as the hot-headed Sidharth might have delivered the evilest and terrifying character of his career to date here. He portrays the out of control son with mutinous intentions effortlessly and with ease.

Abhay Deol impresses once again in a praiseworthy performance as the honest and upright Raghav. He portrays the character with so little or no effort at all that you start wondering if there has been any character in his career so far that required this guy to put any effort maybe? Yes, still wondering by the way.

Brendon Fraser’s performance as ‘Charlie ‘Charu’ Jolpin’ can be justified by one word and that is ‘scary’. His character is totally unpredictable in every scene of the film and makes you hold your breath thinking ‘what this guy is going to do now?’

Ali Haji as the innocent ‘Suraj’ makes you relate and feel for him. Prem Chopra’s screen presence as Bharat Sinha is commanding. Anisha Victor as ‘Seema’ Suraj’s girlfriend, Priyanka Setia as ‘Sujata’ Siddharth’s wife, and Ekavali Khanna as the mother Neha Sinha make up for a strong supporting cast and Mario Grigorov’s music is thrilling and provides ample support to the gripping screenplay.

All in all, Line of Descent is an intense and gripping drama depicting the story of a mafia family that gradually vanishes into darkness keeping your eyes hooked to the screen till the very end.


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